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Scientist Bio-Feedstocks



You will be part of the global Nature Based Solutions (NBS) & Feedstocks team. The team supports the business goals for the NBS business, Downstream’s Low Carbon Fuels business, including Advanced Biofuels & Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and Shell Chemicals. The focus of this work is global, with special focus on regions where the Low Carbon Fuels business is pursuing business opportunities including US, EU, India, Africa and Brazil.

You will give expert support to Shell’s rapidly growing biofuels activities, and our emerging bio-to-chemicals activities and ensure that Shell maintains a current and insightful position on feedstock types, availabilities and potentials. You will work with other team members to develop practical feedstock logistics, synergies with other land uses, and models of biomass availability. This will require a broad knowledge in one or more of the area(s) from crop agronomy/production, energy crops (such as energy/sugar cane, grasses), forestry, MSW, manure, waste oils/fats, etc. You will also develop expertise in the emerging legislative environment in which Shell’s bio-business must operate. You will be engaged in internal and external research programs, focusing on analysis, forecasting and due diligence on investable opportunities for Low carbon Fuels and Chemicals projects.

You will be expected to work with Shell scientists and engineers globally, with external partners and with Shell’s Low Carbon Fuels and Chemicals and NBS business.

What’s the role

Delivery of the experimental, technical and theoretical components of the R&D programme in bio-feedstock and support delivery of bio-feedstock component of low carbon fuels and chemicals projects globally in partnership with internal & external partners

Provide Subject Matter Expertise on bio-feedstocks, including their availability, type, cost and supply chain, logistics, to enable the Low Carbon Fuels and Chemicals businesses to grow new business opportunities for biofuels projects; the scope is global, but you will have a particular focus on the East region, including India and China, and on feedstocks for liquid biofuels, including Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVOs), cellulosic ethanol or biofuels produced through any other pathways

Define key feedstock characteristics, availability and regulatory criteria for biofuels and chemicals projects

Contribute to publications in peer-reviewed publications, internal technical reports, conference presentations, and patent filings

Develop understanding of the broader carbon and energy system, the energy transition, & the role of emerging technologies

Establish working knowledge of techno-economic analyses to place technology developments into appropriate context within the area of biomass feedstocks

What we need from you?

You will bring technical expertise in biomass feedstocks, agronomy, forestry or a related field. When it comes to nurturing collaborative stakeholder relations with other Shell businesses and with external technology partnerships, it’s your excellent people skills that will make the difference. A learner mindset, transparency and sharing data and lessons will be essential. You will need to demonstrate a commitment to HSSE including in field work.

Furthermore, you will have:

A PhD in plant sciences, agricultural science, agronomy, forestry, ecosystem services, biology or a related field

Minimum work experience of three (3) years on biomass projects and/or in biomass R&D and in related areas e.g. agricultural production systems, agronomy, crop harvesting technologies, forestry, vegetable oils, manure, waste oils, MSW, etc.

Exposure to project scoping, contracting, monitoring, and partner engagement

Experience in analysing complex and varied data sources (in this case on biomass availability, their supply chains, land use)

Subject matter knowledge of crop production, water management, regulatory frameworks, land use management, etc.

Demonstrate a willingness to learn and apply cross-disciplinary approaches to solving problems and thrive though working in a tight-knit, but globally dispersed, team

Excellent oral and written presentation skills; capable of effective and impactful communications across topics, audiences, and formats at various organisational levels

What desirable experiences/skills you can bring in

Deep understanding of the methods and technologies in sustainable crops residue management.

Field experience of working in one or more types of the feedstocks (e.g. crop residues, energy crops, vegetable oils, forestry-based feedstocks, manure, waste oils and MSW, etc.) for bio-energy projects at multiple locations in India and/or outside.

Hands-on experience of assessing and monitoring regulatory environment to guide R&D programs, technology and/or business development in agriculture, forestry, bioenergy, related areas.

Technical reports and/or scientific publications in the reputed journals.


Location: Bangalore


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