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We are looking for “Senior Engineer” to be based in Chennai, India. This position reports to “Chief Manager, Engineering, India”. In this position you will have an opportunity to carry out stress analysis of piping in Pulp & Energy area and also carry out technical calculations as per relevant codes and standards.

In this position, you will be required to,

1.Listing the requirements of Inputs for Stress Analysis, updating the list with revisions received from Layout, ensuring the availability of latest documents and maintaining the input status.

2.Understanding the requirements of the project and carrying out stress analysis for various load cases such Sustained, Expansion, Occasional load cases such as Safety Valve blowing, Wind etc for various operating conditions as required.

3.Converting PDMS model to stress analysis input suited to Caesar II

4.Determining and checking the allowable for various materials as per ASTM , EN and other well known International standards

5.Calculating and Checking allowable values for Equipment ends, Nozzles, Pumps etc.,as per the inputs received.

6.To carry out all types of calculations associated with Piping design including attachement calculations.

7.Checking and Approving the firmed up stress analysis , preparing stress reports and maintaining the status of the stress reports submitted to layout group.

8.Interacting with Layout group for support selection, clarifications on support details etc.

9.Maintaining check prints, check lists, as applicable.

To succeed this role, you will need:

Bachelor / master’s Degree in mechanical engineering. 5 years of experience in stress analysis in piping and Caesar II Knowledge of Codes & Standards, Navisworks, PDMS and AutoCAD Effective written and oral communication skills in English.

Location: Chennai


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