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Security Analyst


  1. Project information security (IS) assessments are our bread and butter. As an IS professional, your first step into the big bad world of risk assessments will involve conducting IS assessments for technology delivery projects across India advanced technology centers. You will check if the project is meeting Accenture standard and the client’s security requirements.
    The risks that you identify are super important to keep Accenture and our client’s data safe, it will ensure that Accenture is compliant with what was agreed in the client contracts, your reports will provide leadership with information based on which they can take those big decisions on important IS stuff.
  2. We are super proud of the fact that Accenture is the biggest company of its size that is globally ISO27001 certified (the academy awards equivalent for IS standards) and the LSS team is responsible for maintaining this hallowed certificate. 3rd party auditors descend on us every year to make sure that we are still worthy of the certificate, so we’ve got to be on our toes always and keep everything shipshape. As part of this you will be carrying out a bunch of activities such as
    a. Making sure (via assessments) that the nice folks at support functions such as Workplace, HR, IT, Finance, Legal, Procurement etc. are compliant with ISO27001 security requirements.
    b. Working with various data and asset owners to ensure that they are doing what they are supposed to, to safeguard assets and data under their care.
    c. ATCI wide risk assessments to report any risks that can mess up Accenture business goals and then monitoring these risks to make sure that they’re fixed.
    d. You will get opportunities to think out-of-the-box box and innovate to get all of our Accenture folk in India as IS literate as possible. In the past we’ve done super fun stuff such as plays, live bay sessions, give infosec gyan during new joiner orientation sessions, contribute to designing screensavers and posters etc – the sky is the limit!
  3. We also need to stay compliant to certain other regulatory requirements and those have their scheduled assessments and activities too.
  4. Remember point 1? where we spoke about checking if the project teams are doing the right stuff? Well, quite often their clients decide to pay a visit to audit if everything is in order here or decide if they want to give us more business. This is the high adrenalin stuff where we as the LSS team represent Accenture information security and support the delivery folk to face the client auditors.

You will report to an LSS Team Lead and will interface with multiple external stakeholders including and not limited to delivery leads, corporate function POCs, client and 3rd party auditors etc.

1. You need to have a genuine interest in the information security domain and have the spunk and drive to make a positive difference in the organization – on ground. The exponential adoption of technology in all aspects of life has made Information Security or Cybersecurity domain one of the fastest growing domains with a huge supply-demand skill deficit (= usually more moolah :P) estimated to reach 3.5 million unfulfilled positions by 2021 (
2. We work as a team and therefore you need to be a high-performer who get on well with others, collaborate well and be a good team player. No room here for a lone wolf. Keep in mind that our role involves interfacing with multiple business stakeholders therefore you need to be able to get along well with these senior leaders too.
3. Goes without saying that good communication skills both written and spoken are quintessential to doing well as this job.
4. The LSS team is truly a high-performance team and information security is one of the fastest changing domains in IT. You should have the ability to learn, adapt and evolve quickly to stay relevant in this field and the learning never really ends.

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