Mechanical Engineer Sales Internship 2021 Freshers – MeruDynamics

Mechanical Engineer Sales Intern


We are a startup company developing disruptive solutions for the manufacturing industry. If you are interested to work in a dynamic startup environment, then this internship is for you. Here you will get a chance to learn, experiment, and grow as you go.

We are looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and think out of the box. Someone motivated to join a fast and dynamic startup environment.

Required Qualifications:

Should be a self-starter, self-learner with minimum supervision.
Team player and good communicator.

Primary Responsibilities(What will you do here):

Understand the product and its requirement.
Generate new business.
Develop and maintain the business relationship.
Coordinates sales effort with marketing and the rest of the team.
Conduct customer interviews and get key insight.
Execute sales data collection and analysis

Contract length: 3 months

To apply, contact HR: +91 2481671200 to Schedule an Interview



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