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Business Analyst



The CIBA Data Scientist is someone who manages the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information & finding correlations or patterns among various fields in large relational databases. The Business Analyst would need to identify relationships in the dataset and look for patterns in the data like classes, clusters, associations & sequential patterns and provide useful analytics and forecasting to the business.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Detailed Responsibilities

Apply Text mining to handle unstructured data to derive business insights
Implement Machine Learning techniques like Neural Network, Clustering (like k-means, hierarchical), Dimension reduction (e.g. PCA) with high accuracy as per industry standards.
Develop and facilitate internal training serving as faculty for above skill.
Identify opportunities, refine existing offerings and/or create new offerings.
Derive problem statement from ambiguous data, create hypothesis, use analytics technology and tools to test hypothesis and form conclusions
Active involvement in coaching and mentoring team on this skill and also engage in stakeholder interactions on regular basis.
To be able to provide view & support clients as required in areas like Productivity, Cost Reduction and Data driven analytics etc.
Effective coordination with onshore analytics consultants ,software developers (as appropriate), business partners or customers, business consultants


BTech/MCA/MBA (IT)/M.Sc.(IT)/ M.Sc Maths/Stats/OR with excellent database knowledge, preferred additional PGDCA, Database certification with exposure to analytics Tools & Techniques

Location: Gurgaon


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