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Job Summary (Purpose of Job):
To lead design, development and validation of the products in the Paver platform & Class 0 Projects.
Additionally to design, develop, document, test, and troubleshoot the complete Hydraulic and HVAC system and controls, for both local and global projects run in India as an individual contributor.
Plan and coordinate project deliverables with PO, Scrum leader/CPM and other technical leads within the project.
Cross functional interface with allied departments including suppliers and test houses with the objective of executing the project within the QDFC defined in the project scope

Job Role:
Main Tasks:
He/ she will have responsibility of leading design, development and validation of the products in the Paver platform & Class 0 Projects. Additionally to design, develop, document, test, and troubleshoot the complete Hydraulic and HVAC system and controls, for both local and global projects run in India as an individual contributor.
Create L2 plan and coordinate project deliverables with Scrum leader/CPM.
Perform New content analysis, DFMEA and PHI for a specific project
Perform Root Cause analysis for issues detected during build or verification
Prepare and maintain documentation for Design Review
Maintain BOM, DMU and collision matrix for a specific weight class
Creates DCN for all new designs
Perform engineering product cost roll up for scenario simulation purpose
Prepare and secure cross functional sign off on Formal Design Review Document for Steering Committee gate audits
Perform detailed should-cost analysis for setting target cost of installations/ components
Perform design calculations specific to a system e.g. braking distance, tractive effort, Grade ability
Participate and contribute in Scrum ceremonies: Backlog grooming, Sprint Planning, Daily stand-up, Sprint Design Reviews and Retrospectives.
Prepare product training materials and perform Train the trainer for new product launches.

Implementation of design and features as requested by market regions for products in the Paver platform & Class 0 Projects.
Ensuring all cross functional inputs are addressed in selected design concepts and project targets in terms of cost and delivery are met
Ensure compliance to internal and external standards in terms of product requirements, documentation requirements and process requirements.
Coordination with testing and validation team regarding planned verification activities and updates
Coordination with purchasing and suppliers for concept development, cost analysis and application approval

Approves design concepts to be presented to Cross functional Project Team
Approves design change notice before sending to CPM/PO
Approves RCA to be presented to Cross functional Project Team
Approves supplier costing versus engineering estimate
Owns and Sign-off all System design calculations and schematics.
Sign-off life cycle process documentation
Signs-off Verification requirement document and Test cases.
Approves Verification results document.
Allocation and follow up of tasks to team members within the project development

Key Skills
Competence: Action oriented, Priority Setting, Problem Solving, Creativity, Drive for results
Standing alone, Conflict management, Presentation skills, Comfort around higher management, Customer Focus.

Product and application knowledge:
Strong knowledge of customer requirements and needs of Compactors & Pavers
Should have strong Road machinery product knowledge and historical data in terms of generations of models, failure data etc.
Knowledge of road building application and competition features in a specific system area.
Project management skills
Knowledgeable to define the business case for class 0 and NPD projects. (e.g.: knowledgeable about the estimating effort on project/ feature)
Practical experience with creating a L1 or L2 project plan.
Fully proficient with the GDP process. (e.g. Understanding of FDR document and other product documentation for Gate approval)
Should have good understanding of what constitutes SCOS and should have knowledge about fixed and variable cost in SCOS. Understands DNP and calculation of GM
Understands the factor that drive aftermarket business E.G: Branding of proprietary parts and packaging of parts.
Understands and explains how a specific cost reduction impacts product and platform profitability and can distribute the required reduction in a project across different mechanical Installation.
Systems engineering knowledge:
Considerable practical experience with all interfaces on a product for Hydraulic systems.
Knowledge of life cycle processes for Hyd & HVAC systems and components (Hyd oil, Lub oil, filters, etc.).
Fully proficient in concept selection process and tools (EG: PUGH Matrix with differentiators. Costing, DFMA, Serviceability.)
Fully proficient in defining system and component level verification and validation
Strong knowledge of VCE CAD guidelines and DMU

Fully proficient in transforming customer needs to technical requirements for Hyd / HVAC systems.
Fully proficient in Product risk management, relevant testing standards, new content analysis, FMEA, PHI
Fully proficient in Root cause analysis and related tools/methods
Fully proficient in costing of components and good networking with suppliers
Strong knowledge in different Materials, machining process and related costs
Fully proficient in Should cost analysis of Hydraulic and HVAC components
Should have good networking with suppliers for getting inputs on processes, supplier capabilities and to take inputs during development activity.
Fully proficient in converting customer requirements/Needs to system requirements and PRS.
Fully proficient in Hydraulic system designs and Components selection and sizing.
Should be able to mentor and coach junior engineers.
Fully proficient to calculate power requirements for various duty cycles, braking distance, tractive effort, Grade ability. Sign-off all system related calculations.
Good, Knowledge on HVAC, pneumatic for tyre inflation, braking and other required application.
Fully proficient on different kind of hydraulic oil, additives and its application.
Fully proficient in hydraulic system efficiency. (Heat load calculation).
Fully proficient on cleanliness level (Standards NASH level) and required filtration systems.
Ensuring adherence to CAD guidelines, DMU and Approve Designs for CFT review
Fully proficient with manufacturing and assembly process for cooler, molded hoses, Pumps, Motors, Valves etc
Considerable practical experience with internal construction of proprietary items like pumps and motors.
Knowledge of failure history on Compactor and Paver machines.
Should be able quantify a design concept in terms assembly time and tools and fixtures.

Interaction with Marketing and Regions on product specific reviews
Interaction with Global Product Design team for machine outlook and DSM
Interaction with Suppliers & Test houses
Education/Professional Qualifications required for the position:

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

10years in off-highway or construction equipment industry in design and development area
5years in Road machinery product development and engineering



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