Caterpillar Hiring for Mechanical Engineering Job in Chennai



Creates and/or revises Service Options for Machines and Engines supporting all products that are prioritized by Product groups and demands from dealers. Responsible for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of Service Data development utilized by dealers, end customers, and service personnel in the field for service repair, parts ordering, etc. Responsible for training of subordinates and editing service data.

Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
• Capable to understand Component Authoring build rules for Caterpillar Machines & Engines
• Create Planned Maintenance and Repair Options in Service Options Collaborator Tool
• Perform audit for Planned Maintenance and Repair Options in Builder G3
• Monitor and report quality levels of service data and conduct required training to developers
• Serve as Subject Matter Expert for Repair Options developers and fix the execution and quality issues on- time
• Drive process improvements in Repair Options Authoring & Auditing with innovative solutions to excel demanding expectations
• Contribute to cost reduction and improve deliverable quality through standardization, modularization and process efficiency improvements.
• Ensure cross functional collaboration with relevant process partners and product group throughout the project cycle

Required Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering curriculum (or equivalent)
• 5+ years of job-related experience

Top candidates will also have:
• Strong knowledge of key Caterpillar product support systems and CRM tools (SIS Web, TMI, Builder G3)
• Experience in engineering BOM reviews and broader product functional knowledge
• Good understanding of Caterpillar Machine & Engine Build Rules
• Good understanding of Caterpillar Component Codes and Job Codes
• Good work experience in Service Options Collaborator Tool (SOC) and Builder G3.
• Should be result oriented with a strong focus on the project to meet the deadlines with the required quality.
• Good communication skills to collaborate effectively with process partner on daily basis.
• Strong project management skills – assisting, maintaining and executing to a project management plan.
• Team player and contribute to team competency building

Location: Chennai


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