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A Logistics Engineer 3 is responsible for supporting the design and implementation of all related logistics processes, machinery & equipment, storage concepts, among other things for Cat Parts or Integrated Logistics Services projects. This position is located in various facilities and reports to the engineering supervisor responsible for this area.
A Logistics Engineer 3 is responsible for leading the design & implementation of logistics projects for greenfield or brownfield sites
In a lead role, a Logistics Engineer 3 should have the ability to lead Logistics Engineers 1 or 2 on projects with a capital budget of up to US$500,000 and an expense budget of up to US$100,000. In a support role, this person should be able to provide support to Logistics Engineers 4 or 5 on projects of any size. A person in this role is expected to lead 1 complex project, 1 -2 simple projects, or support for 2-3 projects at one time.
The technical skills are defined in 7 key skills: data purification & analysis; warehouse storage design & manufacturing point-of-use (POU) design; machinery & equipment design and procurement; workforce & equipment planning; logistics process design; inventory transfer & rearrangement planning; and integrating supply chain knowledge into warehouse design. In addition, it is expected that Logistics Engineer 3 is knowledgeable about the local WMS system and can integrate this into the overall design of the facility. A Logistics Engineer 3 is expected to be proficient in some areas.
In addition to technical skills, a Logistics Engineer 3 must demonstrate marginal to intermediate levels of the following values based competencies (VBCs): integrity & trust; building inclusive relationships; customer focus; problem solving; priority setting; and dealing with uncertainty.
Although the requirements above describe most of the responsibilities of the analyst, due to the breadth of issues that arise on projects, it is sometimes expected that a Logistics Engineer 3 take on other responsibilities outside of this job description.


College degree in supply chain, logistics, or industrial engineering
Willingness to travel up to 50% of the time throughout the year, with some months in excess of that.
Be proficient in English as well as the local language where the analyst is based.
4+ years of related experience, preferably in warehouse design/automation, supply chain, or manufacturing
Strong PC Skills (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, & AutoCAD)

Location: Bangalore


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