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Sensory Scientist



  1. Sensory Science

• Perform routine sensory analyses for R&D projects, RMs, routine samples, NPD, innovation and export consignment samples and final output data of test results into Compusense
• Provide inputs into sensory training, involve in maintenance and training of QDA and internal panels
• Provide sensory quality inputs into R&D projects, compatibility/shelf-life studies & regular samples
• Develop and implement novel sensory and consumer research methodologies in support of innovation and product development partnering with rest of sensory team
• Proven skills in panel training including use of statistical and qualitative skills to identify potential issues early.
• Can maintain an efficient internal sensory lab (supplies/ scheduling/ monitoring quality of work for technicians).
• Strong support person in development of comprehensive TLPs and challenges ideas where appropriate.
• Proficient in consumer guidance testing and can clearly communicate benefit and differences from CP with x-functional team.
• Maintains a strong network of external suppliers and colleagues to gather ideas from.
• Will identify when current methods need modification and incorporate feedback from experienced staff to make changes.
• Excellence in communication of results and proposals to the technical community.
• Is knowledgeable and is a department advocate on the governance procedures in the serving of alcoholic beverages.

  1. Organizational Impact and Influence

• Once direction is clear, can effectively manage self and prioritize objectives to consistently achieve objectives and business results.
• Works with leadership guidance to execute experiments to accomplish research/ project objectives within budget.
• Applies knowledge of industry trends and internal/ external developments to suggest improvements in individual and group performance.
• Develops strong relationships within and across functions.
• Identifies broader opportunities for their work and cultivates a search and spin atmosphere.
• Understands and adheres to the appropriate legal and regulatory requirements of the region, and seeks opportunities within regulations.
• Supports the implementation of strategy and new processes in the organization.
• Seeks out and demonstrates accountability for the use of beneficial new technologies, methods and/ or products.
• Has sufficient understanding and use of marketing data to assess different technical solutions based on their suitability to the insight & concept.

  1. Decision Making / Problem Solving

• Shows commitment in dealing with complex time consuming issues; successfully identifies, analyzes and solves problems with some guidance.
• Anticipates key technical/ commercial issues and integrates data and knowledge to recommend timely, optimal business solutions.
• Raises issues with appropriate context and views obstacles as solvable challenges.
• Presents calculated risk mitigation plans to deliver exceptional results.
• Incorporates new thinking to deliver smart, novel technical solutions. Consistently demonstrates excellent follow-through on project commitments.

  1. Communication Skills

• Cultivates a culture of openness and information sharing. Feeds timely information to keep sr. management well informed; caters message to audience with some guidance.
• Can interpret and simplify complex technical issues into key messages and recommendations.
• Understands when to manage technical/ business challenges independently and when to engage line manager/ technical mentor.
• Engages with peers and stakeholders in a way that inspires trust and confidence.

  1. Independent Judgment

• Demonstrates sound independent judgment, even in times of tight deadlines and budget constraints.
• Reaches conclusive decisions after fully researching alternatives.
• Responds quickly and effectively to changes in project needs and priorities.
• Prioritizes the delivery of the business/ project goals above personal technical achievements – will comfortably seek out peer/ management support when needed to achieve results.
• Visibly and clearly applies both analysis and intuition equally into work. Participates effectively in ideation sessions and understands how to unlock and apply own creativity

Location: Bangalore


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