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Decision Scientist – GoFood


Fasten your helmet and climb aboard if you’re ready to be our Decision Scientist. In this role, you will be an integral player within the GoFood data science team based in India. Focusing heavily on (the areas of growth and monetisation along with content quality, you will (employ) statistical techniques, design of experiments, and machine learning to design and develop/improve existing data solutions in the GoFood team. The data scientists and BI analysts in the growth and monetisation team(s) will be your companions on this ride. Your efforts will directly influence (the experience we provide to our GoFood customers).

What You Will Do:

Be a thought partner to product and business
Analyze and monitor business metrics along with product and business stakeholders.
Provide causal analysis and inference for explaining variations in product metrics
Construct design and infer data driven experiments
Identify new opportunities to improve the experience using data
Drive Scalable Data solutions when required
Design and develop various machine learning solutions for improving various solutions in the GoFood team
Take ownership of the data science models or rules end-to-end – from data collection to model building to monitoring the model in production
Collaborate and partner with other teams:Be a sounding board to data solutions developed in other teams for GoFood Team
Work with a team of 2-3 Decision Scientists or BI analysts

What You Will Need:

Expertise in framing experiments using causal inference and know when to use a bayesian framework
Able to work with time series data with advanced time series methods
Experience in building robust machine learning models4+ years of experience in statistical analysis and building machine learning models for product applications
Ability to understand business concerns and formulate them as technical problems that can be solved using data and math/stats/ML
Familiarity with essential data science libraries, including Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn
Experience working with cross-functional teams including product, design, engineering, mobile to deliver product outcomes using data science
Experience in deploying batch models

Location: Bangalore


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