Apollo Hospitals Job Vacancy for Junior Technician

Junior Technician


Taking dictation of microscopic description of specimens during grossing.

Taking & encoding bits during grossing.

Running the tissue processor.

Embedding & block preparation.

Operating the microtome & cutting of section.

Staining, mounting & labelling of slides, cheeking for errors of making.

Submission of slides to Pathologists.

Operating the cryostat & cutting frozen section.

Reagent & stains preparation.

Helping in disposal of specimens after the specified storage time.

Record maintenance.

Assist the pathologists in superficial FNACs.

Assisting guided aspiration in the radiology department.

Smear preparation, fixing & staining.

Operating the cytospin for fluid cytology . Chief of Lab Services

Preparing roster of the technicians.

IHC & IF staining.

Operating the instruments.

Daily routine maintains of the instruments.

To liaison with biomedical department about the maintenance and breakdown of the instruments.

Prepares indents for reagents and consumables.

Maintains departmental stock.

Performs / helps in performing QC as per direction of Sectional In-charge.

Check and verify the patient details both in requisition slip & specimen.

Entry patient details in the master register and assign lab number on the requisition slips & specimen.

Arrange the specimens for grossing.

Change the formalin in the specimen as and when required.

Maintains QC records.

Executes Quality System laid down by Technical Manager and Quality Manager.

Maintain instrument Log Books.

Investigates / helps in investigating any system / Technical non Compliances.

Give training to and educates other technicians when necessary.

Other related work as assigned for time to time.

Perform duty as per rotation policy.

Take active participation in teaching of technicians,

Departmental specific quality & patient safety indicators.

Participate in departmental specific quality improvement.

Follow correct procedure for patient identification and communication of patient information following SBAR.

To have appropriate knowledge in correct use and maintenance of Biomedical equipment in the work area.

To provide all infection control practices including device related


Location: Kolkata


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