Amazon Jobs in Coimbatore Hiring for Senior Operations Manager

Sr. Operations Manager


This is a complex leadership role, requiring an executive to balance flawless daily execution with the long term development of a team. The role requires a detailed understanding and ability to balance every operational component of multiple facilities from employee needs to IT, from process technology to process improvement. A successful executive will be able to provide strong vision and direction for the team while fostering bottoms up input and participation in process improvement from all levels of the organization. This role will serve as the face of the organization to hundreds of employees at a site.

A completed bachelor’s degree.

10+ years direct management experience, including a salaried workforce, in a manufacturing, production or distribution environment Ø Experience with performance metrics, process improvement and Lean techniques

  1. Have clear goals for safety, customer experience and productivity and will be expected to determine how to manage and achieve these goals without close supervision or corporate involvement

  2. Engage all levels of the organization to remove waste from operations processes employing Lean practices across the network.

  3. Oversee product flow and implement new processes as required in order to improve efficiency and to support growth in new product lines

  4. Support the scalable growth of the company by developing and enabling the success of the Operations leadership team.

  5. Serve as a role model for Amazon Leadership Principles inside and outside the organization

  6. Actively seek to implement and distribute best practices across the Fulfillment Center Network.


The ideal candidate is a strong business builder who knows how to structure and develop organizations to accommodate very large growth rates for next several of years. In addition to above, this leader will have superb communications skills and the highest level of integrity and intellectual honesty. He or she will be gifted at inspiring confidence both in the teams he/she directly manages and across the organization. This implies an ability to simplify complex concepts, to bring clarity to ambiguous situations, and be a deft problem solver. This leader will have exceptional strength in both day to day operations and business strategy. Infused in both areas will be an innate customer intuition and focus that serves as the basis for all business decisions. This will be obvious from the candidate’s passion for the benefits of continually driving operational excellence. This leader will dive into the details easily and prefers to have a detailed knowledge of their organization, how it operates and where it is succeeding and failing. The leader will use this detailed knowledge to ensure that their strategies are being fulfilled at the deepest levels of the organization.

Location: Coimbatore


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