Amazon Jobs in Chennai for the Role Support Engineer

Support Engineer



Job responsibilities
The Appstore Chennai team is looking for talented Support engineers who can troubleshoot, debug, evaluate and resolve identified alarms, perform software deployments, support operations and migrations, write validation SQLs & simple configurations with SOPS, execute jobs and answer customer queries. The position requires a combination of strong troubleshooting, technical and communication skills and includes a mix of on call and operational tasks and may involve small-project development work. Support Engineers also develop simple tools and automations to achieve human free operations. They use the right tool for the job, and modify software in a way that leverages the overall system architecture. If you have a strong Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence background, are interested in aggressive growth and have passion to solve complex problems, this is the opportunity for you.

· 1+ year of development or technical support experience
· Experience troubleshooting and debugging technical systems
· Experience scripting in modern program languages

A technical background (BS/MS in Computer Science/Engineering or related discipline/experience)

1 Yrs to 4 years experience with SQL.

Knowledge experience and Ability to do configuration related work.

Strong debugging/troubleshooting skills Ability to write complex SQL queries is added advantage.

Excellent verbal & written communication skills Strong understanding of support – tickets, monitoring, processes and metrics

A passion towards problem-solving

Strong decision-making ability Must be able to think proactively; e
Excellent follow-through and attention to details


1 Yrs to 4 years experience handling customer queries and has strong learnability to understand customer problem domain.
Strong debugging/troubleshooting skills

Knowledge on Java, Python and other scripting languages

Ability to write complex SQL queries is an added advantage

Location: Chennai


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