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Engineer – Electrical


  1. Implementation of best maintenance practices for ensuring uninterrupted & trouble free service of electrical equipment for smooth operation of the process which is continuous in nature and any interruption / breakdown is detrimental to the quality of the product

  2. Maximum manpower productivity & minimizing the maintenance cost especially while the process handles the chemicals / gases which are aggressively corrosive and affect electrical / electronic equipment very severely.

Key Result Areas/Accountabilities:

Key Result Areas/Accountabilities

Supporting Actions

Planned Maintenance

  1. Ensure implementation of preventive & predictive maintenance to minimize breakdowns & eliminate unplanned stoppages.

  2. Ensure implementation of equipment up gradation plans to minimize equipment downtime & improve MTBF.

  3. Maximize availability of all the electrical equipment by preparing suitable maintenance schedules.

Regular monitoring of PM schedules for compliance & systematic implementation. Monitor preventive maintenance jobs to restore the equipment to abnormality free status

Cost Control

  1. Achieve minimum maintenance costs to contribute to maximizing overall profitability.

  2. Ensure timely implementation of schemes for power savings for enhanced profitability.


Plan & review maintenance budgets periodically. Plan procurement of spares etc. to reduce inventory and reduce incidents of replacements Establish & monitor quality of spares. Initiate corrective measures to prevent recurring breakdowns.

Development Activities

Ensure implementation of recommendations emerging from breakdowns analysis

& carryout studies for identifying weak areas & take corrective steps to pre-empt breakdowns.


Study & develop schemes for improvements in electrical system. Analyze all the breakdowns & prepare recommendations for corrective action. Organize remnant life analysis (RLA) studies for major equipment and take suitable corrective steps

Productivity Ensure timely support to the process for improved process productivity & optimize productivity of deployed manpower.

Monitor optimum performance of electrical system for all process requirements. Make the electrical network available for best reliability.

Safety Ensure compliance of safety norms & statutory regulations for electrical equipment & personnel.

Monitor implementation of safety procedures & implement safety requirements in working through regular monthly reviews. Monitor use of personal safety gadgets

People Development Identify & recommend suitable training & skill development of the people to build a competitive work force

Plan & recommend job rotation & multi skill opportunities.

System Management Ensure implementation of (WCM) concepts & other TPM / TQM initiatives. Ensure QMS/EMS is followed

Check implementation of WCM concepts in all work areas. implementation of WCM sub committee working by all the teams.


Location: Gujarat


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